About Us

Our MISSION is to become a reliable and permanent supplier as a modern company by achieving customer satisfaction through our professional sales team, activities, investments and line.


Our VISION is to give the best service as a professional Industrial supplier to each segment of the Turkish Industry by basing on our customer-oriented philosophy, by marketing goods having good quality,high performance and well known in the world market..


Turkey has very fast growing economy and industry, which are very dynamic structure. Turkish industry and manufacturers need also quality tools and suppliers to increase their quality in every aspect to compete in global economy.


Ozzaim Ltd. has started to work as an industrial supplier aimed at end users in 1992, and till today; we have very good and valuable experience to market industrial products on End-user basis. With Professional company body, management,sales team and marketing approaches, As an industrial supplier, Ozzaim sales team has focused on professional end user market. In different industrial sectors, by sharing knowledge and experience with customers, by giving professional service, Ozzaim has very good relationship and reputation in most of these industrial companies. Finally, by means of client meetings, relation with universities, membership with profession assosiations , advertising activities in sectoral magazines and participation to sectoral meetings as sponsorship, we ; as Özzaim Ltd., have a very good customer relation.


Marketing Activities Professional understanding of customer needs. Our professional staff basically divided as sales engineering ,inside sales,finance, logistic and production. We are a customer based business, therefore customer satisfaction always comes first. Our technical staff is professional in Aviation, Defence industry. Finally, as Ozzaim Ltd Co. ,our marketing activities with the leading companies of the Turkish Market are as follows;


Customer visits
Customer meetings
Contacts with Schools/Universities
Scholarship to students
Production& Maintenance and repair


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